March 30, 2023


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Your Ultimate Guide To Season 2023 AFL Fantasy Record

There’s still time to finalise your SuperCoach, Dream Team and AFL Fantasy sides. The Ultimate to season 2023 AFL Fantasy Record does talk specifically about AFL Fantasy but the basics are there for both Dream Team and SuperCoach. It’s a good read that I check out yearly and it does give me some tips leading into each fantasy footy season. The rookie guide for each team is pretty useful, especially as the season kicks off and you can read up on future debutants. You can get your hands on this years record below

I know, it’s not SuperCoach but the basics are the same. Check out each clubs rookie guide and there’s champion data information, which could still help set up your SuperCoach season. Also, we do get a little kick-back from this so, this is how you can help support us if you like our content.