October 5, 2022


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Who Is Stronger: One Piece’s Katakuri Or Yamato?

Who Is Stronger: One Piece's Katakuri Or Yamato?

Who Is Stronger: One Piece's Katakuri Or Yamato?

Just when you think it’s impossible for One Piece‘s Big Mom to have any more children, yet another one pops up. This time, this isn’t just the son of Big Mom but also the son of Kaido, which who was likely conceived during the time the two were crew members of the Rocks Pirates.

So, with this child being the son of such a powerful duo, is he now the strongest of Big Mom’s children? When Charlotte Katakuri was introduced, he was said to be perfect, a man who has never lost a fight. Furthermore, Katakuri was the strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates, outside of Big Mom herself that is.

Who Is Stronger: One Piece’s Katakuri Or Yamato?

Does this make him stronger than his brother Yamato, the son of Kaido? Yamato isn’t part of Big Mom’s crew, which still makes Katakurio the strongest member of that crew by default but that doesn’t make him stronger than Yamato.

To best honest, I believe that Yamato is stronger than Katakuri. The reason I believe this is that, it would be pretty pointless to introduce an enemy that was weaker than the enemy that the Strawhat Pirates last faced. Especially, with all this buildup that he has had.

Who Is Stronger: One Piece’s Katakuri Or Yamato?

However, many One Piece fans belive that Katakuri will eventually side with the Strawhats and a battle against his brother Yamato could be the perfect way for him to break away from the Big Mom Pirates. This is unlikely but it would be pretty cool to see the two strongest by far pirates Big Mom has spawned fight it out.

It’s going to be interesting to see just how strong Yamato is and why unlike all the other children of Big Mom, did this one remain with his father rather than join Big Mom.

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