September 29, 2023


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The Future Of Red Skull In The MCU Revealed

The Future Of Red Scull In The MCU Revealed

The Future Of Red Scull In The MCU Revealed

When Avengers Infinity War was first released back in 2018, fans were left stunned after the film ended leaving them with so many questions and theories as to what was going to happen next.

Half the universes population had been evaporated, many of our favourite characters had turned to dust with no hint on them ever returning and then there was a familiar face who’s appearance completely shocked us.

Most of what we were eagerly waiting to see were revealed in Avengers Endgame 12 months later but there was still one question remaining unanswered. That was what’s next for Captain America’s first nemesis, Red Skull?

One of the reasons why Avengers were so chocked with the return of the character in Avengers Infinity War was because well first off, he was dead at the end of the first Captain America film and because the actor had been recast, which meant that no one saw this coming.

From Hugo Weaving, the role was given to The Walking Dead actor Roscoe Marquand and suddenly theories surrounding the character exploded. We still now in 2020 haven’t been given any official word on what’s next for the character but I was lucky enough to have an exclusive chat with the Red Skull actor at Supanova Melbourne 2020 and asked him if he had been approached for any future Marvel films.

Mr Marquand went deeply into what he thought was next for Red Skull now that he’s free from being the Soul Stone’s guardian and the best part of that is, he believes that we will be seeing Red Skull again in future MCU movies.

The Future Of Red Skull In The MCU Revealed

Although, he doubts that it will be in the same way that we once saw the evil villain in Captain America. Marquand believes that his character will have a changed outlook on the world and on the universe.

Given a plethora of new powers and knowledge yes, does make Red Skull more powerful but, Marquand thinks that these powers will be used more for good than for evil selfish ambitions.

We both doubted that he will be the next Avengers recruit but it’s possible that Red Skull will be an anti-villain, someone like Deadpool who isn’t necessarily a bad guy and also isn’t quite a hero either.

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