March 4, 2024


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The Best Mid-Price DEF POD We All Ignored But It’s Not Too Late

Greater Western Sydney’s Jack Buckley is currently in the running to be the greatest mid-priced defensive POD of 2023, and it’s not too late to jump on board. Buckley started the season priced at only $205,000 and after one price rise, has increased to $275,900. However, his BE (Break Even) is still -40 and if he scores 68, which is Buckley’s projected score this round, he will increase by a further $48,900.

We all talked bout the Josh Goater’s, Liam Jones, Jack Bowes and Liam Stcoker’s throughout the pre-season, and as a result, Buckley has only ended up in 3.5% of SuperCoach teams. Although, this may soon change after Buckley scored 76, 99 and 99 against Adelaide, West Coast and Carlton in the opening three games of the AFL season.

The 25-year-old was selected by the Giants as a Category B Rookie in 2017 and has played 20 AFL games since making his debut in 2018. Buckley’s best season came in 2021 when he played 15 AFL games and averaged 62.1. In that season, Buckley’s scores were up and down but the ups were impressive.

For the 96.5% of coaches that don’t have Buckley, you may have missed his first price rise but you are still able to jump on board, and make some money. If Buckley continues this playing at this level, he can easily make an additional $100,000 and score well on the field. Most have gone with a thinner DEF line this year, and some consistent scoring may help those who started a little too thin in defence.