December 6, 2021


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SuperCoach: Is Riley Thilthorpe Too Expensive To Pick up?

SuperCoach: Is Riley Thilthorpe Too Expensive To Pick up?

SuperCoach: Is Riley Thilthorpe Too Expensive To Pick up?

As a ruckman, I’m seriously considering Thilthorpe as my third man on the bench, to act as an emergency. I rather keep Flynn as my second ruck option because there is still money to be made with him but Mumford continuously getting games ahead of him, is an issue and holding Flynn with no decent back up is a risk. Thilthorpe is expensive for a rookie and his job security isn’t secured but there aren’t too many options for a third ruckman out there.

SuperCoach: Is Riley Thilthorpe Too Expensive To Pick up?

St Kilda’s Paul Hunter $134,300 is unlikely to get more games with Ryder and Marshall back in the side. North Melbourne’s Tom Campbell was a decent pick up a few weeks ago and is a duel position player (FWD/RUCK) but at a $193,100, is only slightly cheaper than Thilthorpe. With the latter’s best being much better than Campbell’s best. Tom Fullarton $164,800 has played four games for Brisbane and will play more this year but will be in and out of the side. Josh Treacy $108,000 hasn’t lived up to the pre-season hype, with three horrible scores and is now out of Fremantle’s team. Essendon’s Nick Bryan $123,900 looks alright but has only played one game and Fremantle’s Lloyd Meek $213,000, is likely already too expensive now and isn’t even playing.

As you can see, there are minimal options for a spare ruckman. This isn’t an issue for coaches that have two premium players in their ruck. But for those with one premium and Flynn like myself, a decent spare man that’s actually playing like Thiltorpe, could be a great option. However, as a forward, I wouldn’t even bother, as there are numerous others who are cheaper, that seem like better options for growth and job security.

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