October 24, 2021


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SuperCoach: Is Riley Collier-Dawkins Too Risky To Trade-In?

SuperCoach: Is Riley Collier-Dawkins Too Risky To Trade-In?

SuperCoach: Is Riley Collier-Dawkins Too Risky To Trade-In?

Remember, he won’t jump in value unless he plays that third game and no SuperCoach player wants another Tom Highmore on their bench. This week the Tiger’s have only included the returning Dustin Martin to their side, which means that other start midfielders like Dion Prestia, Kane Lambert and Trent Cotchin remain absent.

SuperCoach: Is Riley Collier-Dawkins Too Risky To Trade-In?

Cotchin will be missing for roughly 5 weeks, while Lambert and Prestia are out for another 2-3 rounds. This could mean that RCD’ position is safer for the next 2-3 weeks, providing he continues to play at his best. Once again, Richmond has some seriously classy depth and just because they have some stars out, doesn’t mean that there aren’t others still lingering in the VFL who want RCD’s position.

I personally believe that SuperCoach players should wait until next week before taking a punt on RCD but considering the players the Tigers have missing, I can’t say picking him up early is a terrible decision. But it is a big risk, and you need to assess whether or not you can take another risk like this in 2021. Especially, if you have others scoring 0 on your bench.

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