March 4, 2024


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SuperCoach 2023: Why You Should Consider Jarrod Witts

SuperCoach 2023: Why You Should Consider Jarrod Witts

SuperCoach 2023: Why You Should Consider Jarrod Witts

I can’t believe that I have to try and justify why you should be looking into the highest-scoring ruckman from 2022, who also finished with the second-highest ruck average of 109.9. However, this huge season has caused Jarrod Witts‘s starting price to be $605,100, which has resulted in SuperCoach players being wary.

Coaches are doubting that Witts can return to his 2022 heights and are assuming he will drop off in price, as “he’s never performed that well in the past” or “he’s too expensive.” These are common comments I have seen from coaches on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

Although, remember, this is Gold Coast’s captain who is also a Best & Fairest winner from 2019, a year Witts averaged 99.7 SuperCoach points. 2022 was not Witts’s only solid season and there’s really no reason why he can’t repeat last year’s feat. Especially, when the Suns have a very talented midfield that he will be tapping the ball to. In terms of price, that hasn’t stopped players in the past from picking Gawn at $657,000 last year and $751,400 in 2021. Or Gruny at $627,000 in 2022 and $648,200 in 2021.

If anything, the best-performing ruckman from last year is at a discounted price compared to those other two. The 30-year-old also has the best bye-round. Witts’s bye week is in round 13 where only Gold Coast and Geelong are taking a break. This means that his bye is during the week when most of your other premiums are still available.

Also, it means that he will be available in the other three bye rounds when you will have more players missing. I understand that Witt’s price might well drop by $50,000 but by picking him early, you avoid needing to trade him in later. Witts is historically durable and a consistent scorer. With so much uncertainty in the ruck this year, maybe making a bye-round tactical decision might be the way to go.