September 27, 2023


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SuperCoach 2023: POD’s To Help You Get Through The Finals – George Hewett

Some of us might be heading into their finals series this week or the next, and most of us are running out of trades. I’ve taken a look at some names that might suit you for the final 5 rounds of the year, and I guarantee you that you will unlikely see too many coaches with them lining up against you.

These picks are not for the faint-hearted, and they are very risky choices but high risk can sometimes result in high rewards. These picks are for those with few trades and minimal cash who want still want to make an impact in their head-to-head leagues.

George Hewett $292,500 MID

Times change fast in SuperCoach and they have certainly changed for George Hewett in 2023. It was only 12 months ago that Hewett was one of the best defensive options, a top 8 defender that all coaches wanted and arguably, the best mid-priced starter of the season. However, Hewett’s 111.4 average season now feels like a lifetime ago, after struggling with injury, form and substitute selection. Hewett has dropped from a $613,000 starting price to his current price of $292,500 and is averaging a mere 71.5 SuperCoach points.

So, why am I talking about the Blues midfielder? Well, it’s because he might be back to his best, after scoring an impressive 127 points against the West Coast Eagles last week. Hewett also recorded a 78 the week before against Port Adelaide, after injury concerns ran through the Blue’s engine room during the game.

Furthermore, teammates Patrick Cripps, Adam Cerra, Matthew Kennedy and now Sam Walsh, have spent time or will be spending time on the sidelines. This will give Hewett the perfect opportunity to shine, as he regains a crucial role in Carlton’s midfield for most the remainder of the season. Cripps is expected to be available this week but he will still need to pass a fitness test. Meanwhile, Cerra is likely to miss the next 1-2 weeks and Walsh the next 2-3 games as well. Kennedy is also a chance to return for the final round before the AFL finals series, which is our SuperCoach Grand Final.

My only concern with this pick is that Hewett’s “impressive score,” was against the Eagles midfield who would struggle against most VFL sides. The other issue is Hewett’s role when Cerra, Wlash and Kennedy return. Cerra will be back within the next fortnight and the other two are likely to be back in round 24, our SuperCoach Grand Final. It’s scary to think that Hewett’s relevance is limited to two or three of the next five games but that’s the risk you take with a pick like this.