March 4, 2024


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SuperCoach 2023: Players You Can Replace Nick Daicos With

2023 Brownlow Medal favourite, Nick Daicos, has been one of the best-performing players for SuperCoach 2023. In just his second season, Daicos silenced all of his critics who doubted he could go bigger and better in this second season.

Daicos has shown us both consistency and has an enormous captain-worthy scoring ceiling but unfortunately, Daicos will be missing the next 5-6 weeks of AFL, which rules him out for the rest of SuperCoach 2023.

This means that if you’re one of the smart coaches who held onto a trade for this very reason, you have a big decision to make. This pick could make or break your finals series and I have a list of players who you should consider as a Daicos replacement. Now, Daicos is priced at $569,000, which means that this list only consists of players below him in price.

Nic Newman DEF $543,300

If you like a bit of a POD to help you in your league match-ups, then look no further than Carlton’s Nic Newman, who has a five-round SuperCoach average of 118.6. This makes him the third-best-performing defender over the past month of AFL. Newman is in 1.1% of teams, which is just over 2000 sides. I can see his ownership increasing this week, but he will still be a massive point of difference for your side.

Jack Sinclair DEF/MID $559,000

St Kilda’s Jack Sinclair has a five-round average of 101.4 and a season average of 104.3 SuperCoach points, which makes him the safer but also, the boring choice. Sinclair is in 34.1% of teams and his ownership will likely increase this week. Sinclair is a safe bet but his form as of late hasn’t been as exciting as Newman’s, which is why he’s second on my list.

Jake Lloyd DEF $469,500

The duel Sydney Best & Fairest winner is already in my side and has a season average of 96.5 and a three-round average of 105.3. Lloyd’s season average is in reality just under 100 flat, but a strike to the head against Richmond resulted in a low 31-point score that skewed his season results. If you want a safe pick and already have Sinclair then Lloyd is a great option.

Bailey Dale DEF $508,100

Bailey Dale has been a decent POD this season and has a three-round average of 112.7 points. Dale’s season average of 93.7 isn’t too bad either and he is only in 3.7% of SuperCoach teams. If you’re looking for a bit of a POD and you already have Sinclair and Newman, then Dale’s likely the next-best pick. However, beware of the Bulldogs, as they move players all over the ground and you’d hate to have Dale playing as a forward pocket during your SuperCoach Grand Final.

Will Day DEF/MID $532,700

Will Day has most likely scared away too many coaches this season but he’s worth a look into. The Hawthorn midfielder has a good role in the Hawthorn team for SuperCoach scoring and the Hawks are actually playing decent footy. Day has a three-round average of 102 and had DDP, which makes him handy in finals if you’re running out of trades. I prefer everyone I’ve listed above Day but he’s much better than the two picks below. Day’s best is premium worthy but his bad days could end your year.

Alex Witherden DEF $495,300

West Coast defenders have been hard to pick this year but at least they get a lot of opportunity, with the ball down on that side more often than most AFL teams. Alex Witherden has a five-round average of 99.4 and a three-round average of 100.7 SuperCoach points. I personally hate this pick but his form has been decent and if you’re trying to save some cash for an upgrade elsewhere, then Witherden could be a decent pick.

Mitch Duncan DEF $508,500

Mitch Duncan hasn’t had the greatest season for Geelong in 2023, as he struggled with injury over the preseason. However, since the bye-rounds, Duncan’s form has taken a turn for the better. Duncan’s five-round average is 105.8, which includes a massive 144 SuperCoach score against North Melbourne. However, he will be finishing the season up against Collingwood, St Kilda and the Westen Bulldogs. Duncan is worth a mention today but unless you’re trying to maximize the Daicos trade and reserve cash for another upgrade, then I’d stay clear from Duncan. But even if that’s your strategy, I think Witherden is a better pick.

As I said, these picks are for those that can’t afford to upgrade Daicos. However, for those who have a bit of cash in the bank then James Sicily, Tom Stewart, Sam Docherty, Jordan Dawson and Dan Houston should be you’re priority picks in that order.


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