November 28, 2023


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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: PAX Aus – There’s Still Time To Play Ahead Of Release

Gamers who have attended the PAX Aus convention at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, have been able to test out the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder, two weeks ahead of release! The upcoming Nintendo title will be available for players to play at home from October 20th, however, players still have the opportunity to test out the game now, and pre-order it. There are still tickets available for Sunday PAX AUS 2023, which you can find here.

I sadly was only able to experience a short time playing Wonder on both Friday and Saturday, but from what I experienced, I am convinced that it’s worth your time. Wonder feels like a throwback to the classic 2D Super Mario Bros games of old, but a modern version that’s playable on better, newer hardware.

As for the mechanics and graphics, the movement feels natural, the jumping felt extremely precise, and the graphics? Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a Nintendo game, do you expect anything less than perfection from Nintendo? Because if you do, you will be disappointed, as you can easily see the immense detail that has been carefully placed into each character.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, is available for pre-order now. Alternatively, there are still tickets available for Sunday PAX AUS 2023, which you can find here, for those players still unsure.