March 4, 2024


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She-Hulk’s Husband Is Technically Already Made His MCU Appearance

So, what does Spiderman 2, Vampire Diaries and She-Hulk have in common? Apparently, more than you think. Well, sort of. After spending way too much time delving into random facts on the internet, I discovered that we have technically already met She-Hulk’s eventual husband in the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

She-Hulk has had mixed reactions from MCU fans. The comedy action series has thus far focused on Jenifer Walters coming to terms with her new abilities, all while struggling to maintain a professional and love life. We have seen both She-Hulk and Walters be unsuccessful in romance but could that all soon change? 

SPIDER-MAN 2, Kirsten Dunst, Daniel Gillies, 2004, (c) Columbia

Due to Spiderman: No Way Home’s release, we can now add Toby McGuires Spiderman trilogy to the extended MCU. This includes a character that was introduced in Spiderman 2. The character that I’m talking about is John Jameson, played by Daniel Gillies who is better known for his work in The Vampire Diaries as Elijah Mikaelson. 

Who? You might be wondering. John Jonah Jameson III, also known as Colonel Jupiter, the Man-Wolf and the Stargod in the Marvel comics, films and TV adaptations. Jameson was introduced into the MCU in Spiderman 2, as an astronaut noted for apparently being the first man to play football on the Moon. The film showcases him developing a relationship with Mary Jane Watson. 

However, Watson isn’t his only love interest. In some of the comics, Jameson is actually the husband of She-Hulk. This means there is a very small possibility, thanks to the multiverse, that we have already seen She-Hulks’s future partner.