November 28, 2023


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Pokémon – Poke Ball & Pikachu Cheese Toastie Maker Review

Literally, the moment I walked past and caught a glimpse of this Pokémon Poke Ball & Pikachu Cheese Toastie Maker outside EB Games’ window, I knew that I must have one. Imagine how much better toasties can taste with Pikachu or a Pokeball imprinted on both sides of the sandwich. To be honest, not all that much, but it’s still fun.

Also, this print is very kid-friendly, as you get both the Pokeball on one side and the Pikachu on the other side. So, there’s no fighting over who gets to eat the Pikachu toastie. I say this as an immature 29-year-old who was also upset when this happened to me, but was delighted when I turned the sandwich over and noticed this feature, after my wife asked for the Pikachu toastie.

The quality of the Pokémon print was also better than expected. There is a clear imprint on the toastie, which I was pleased with. However, I admit that I tried this on plain white bread in order to maximise the print colouring, as I did notice other reviews online saying that the print wasn’t clear on wholegrain bread, let alone the healthiest Pumpernickel.

My only annoyance was that the light turned green to indicate that the sandwich was ready but after opening the lid, it clearly wasn’t. The light turned green about 4 times before I stopped using it as an indication for my meal being ready to eat. I had to make sure that I didn’t move the sandwich when checking for the toasties readiness, as that could ruin the print.

Overall, this was a fun experience and a great gift for someone. I also think that this would be a great way to make lunches more entertaining for kids or even close to 30-year-olds, who are just as entertained by Pokémon as the day they first sat down to watch the anime as a 5-year-old.

You can check out our quick video of how our sandwiches turned out through our Tweet below.