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Plane Shift: Dungeons & Dragons Dominaria Review

Some of my favourite D&D content, outside of the official D&D books, are the Plane Shift articles, in which Magic: the Gathering settings are written up as brief D&D campaign settings. Recently, Wizards of the Coast released a Plane Shift article covering Dominaria, one of the most requested plane shift articles they get, based on one of the most popular MTG settings ever released. Having read through it a few times now, these are my thoughts, based on my usual criteria.

Reading over this, can I think of any adventures I could write, and set in this world?

Yes! Probably more so than any other plane shift article, this document contains tables full of quests, locations, and villains for adventuring in every one of the domains covered in the document. The tables can be rolled on, naturally, but skimming them, there are usually one or two that pop out as being especially interesting within each domain- That said, there are no “filler” options, everything in the tables feels like it really belongs there.

Are there new aspects of this campaign setting I can take from this world and apply to an ongoing campaign?

Truth be told, not much. There are about 3 new stat blocks for creatures which realistically would work within any setting, likewise, the quests/locations/villains tables could probably be extracted and modified for your own campaigns, but largely, this document more contains information for adventuring within this world

Does it have what my players need to play in this world?

So this Plane Shift article breaks down the domains of Dominaria and discusses basically how players would fit into each one, covering information such as which classes, races, and backgrounds work best, likewise, it contains traits for playing Aven adventurers in the setting. It feels a bit more focused on the domains from the DM’s perspective, less so how a player would fit in, I’d say the information is enough, but only just.

Does it have a map?

So there is a map with a brief geographical outline, though again this is more for the DM’s reference than the player’s, it’s not the kind of map I’d print out and keep on the table during a game.

So overall, Dominaria hasn’t been my favourite Plane Shift article, if anything, it’s probably been my least favourite so far, that said, I’m approaching these Plane Shift articles as someone who loves D&D, but doesn’t play, and isn’t hugely familiar with MTG, so let me know what you think, are you a fan of MTG, have you been looking forward to this Plane Shift? Let me know in the comments, I do read them and take them into account when I write other articles. Until next time, happy gaming. 


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