September 29, 2023


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One Plus Piece Cafe: Melbourne Central’s New One Piece Restaurant

Melbourne now has a second One Piece-themed restaurant. This time, the new One Plus Piece Cafe is located in Melbourne’s CBD, outside the anime card vending machine, which is fitting, in Melbourne Central. Oddly, I do not believe that this restaurant has an affiliation with the One Plus Piece Cafe located in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, Balwyn. I can definitely see a pending issue brewing.

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I attended the restaurant with TikToker PaulyToast, who tried the ACE burger, which was as spicy as it sounds. He loved it! Meanwhile, I battled with their latest Gear 5 Burger, which is as large as Monkey D. Luffy’s power against Kaido. Though, if you can’t stomach the ultimate awakened power of Luffy or ACE’s flames, there are other lower Gears and character meal options too.

The burger was fantastic, as were the fires. The drink options were great too, with several Straw Hat character soft drink options. Also, if burgers aren’t your thing, there are loaded fries and sushi options to try. My only issue is that this isn’t really a place that you’d like to spend a lot of time at. It has a cool One Piece vibe but it’s stuck in between the train station, a packed food court and Coles. They also have a small number of tables and chairs, which means that you may not be able to find a spot to sit during peak meal times.

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Overall, if you’re an anime or One Piece fan, this is a must-try restaurant. This place is better enjoyed as a takeaway option. The food was fantastic so, I will be going again. You can check out the full video below of our experience at One Plus Piece Cafe in Melbourne Central.