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In the latest episode of One Piece, we got to see the fierce battle between Luffy and Katakuri getting underway, however, the fight was one-sided, so far. The is the moment fans have been waiting for, and the preview of the upcoming One Piece Episode 853 teases Jimbei taking the charge to save the Straw Hats against Big Mom’s fierce rage.

One Piece Ep 853

One Piece Episode 853 Spoilers

The fierce battle between Luffy and Katakuri got underway, and right from the beginning, Luffy had a hard time dealing with him, and his struggle is getting even worse. Katakuri as usual incorporated his advanced observation Haki into his fighting very well which allowed him to anticipate Luffy’s attack. His special paramecia type devil fruit is extremely handy, and he can copy almost all of Luffy’s attack but, with much higher efficiency.

Luffy has hands, however, Katakuri can make as many as he wants, and also, he copied Luffy’s attack, and used those against Luffy but, with more power and size. Luffy was pounded over and over, no matter what he tried, everything went into vain. On the other hand, Pudding has managed to deceive everyone in the head chef group by editing their memories and along with Sanji and Chiffon, she is making the cake that will calm Big Mom down. Big Mom along with Perospero still chased Sunny and Perospero revealed to Luffy that he is still alive and mocked Pedro’s death.

One Piece Episode 853 Spoilers:

The title of the upcoming One Piece Episode 853 is “The Green Room! An Invincible Helmsman, Jimbei!”

One Piece Episode 853 will be pretty exciting, as, from the preview, it seems that Big Mom’s power allows her to control the seas and with it, she made a big wave which is right in front of Sunny. It was at this moment that Jimbei took the charge, and showed why is he regarded as the “first son of the sea.” The real MVP of the next episode undoubtedly will be Jimbei.

According to the narrator, “The emperor of the sea, Big Mom’s enormous power allows her to control even the raging sea as she likes! When a big wave as tall as a battlement comes for the Sunny, Nami and others think death is unavoidable, but, Jimbei takes the helm and goes into action for the sake of the crew!”