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One Piece Creator Reveals New Devil Fruits

One Piece is one of the most successful and loved series, and there is a reason behind the overwhelming fan following. The characters, the pirate theme, and adventures in a group coupled with friendship have been the success formula of the series. One of the most fascinating things in the series are the Devil Fruits and their powers. Their real origin is still a mystery, and over the years we got to see so many fruits which never failed to amuse us, but, there’s always room for more.

One Piece: New Devil Fruits:

One Piece Creator Reveals the devil fruits of Opera Charlotte and Mont D’or Charlotte

One Piece Creator Reveals the devil fruits of Opera Charlotte and Mont D’or Charlotte

Recently, in an interview, Eiichiro Oda revealed about the new devil fruit powers. The interview took place in SBS, and a fan asked about the devil fruits of Opera Charlotte and Mont D’or Charlotte. The translation has been provided on Reddit and according to it, Mont D’or Charlotte ate the Book Book Fruit while the devil fruit of Opera Charlotte is Kuri Kuri Fruit.

The official translation read, “Mont D’or ate the Book Book Fruit and became a Book Human. He can turn any living thing that is still alive into a specimen, fly in the sky within the book, pull people into the story of a book. I think his power is variable and interesting enough that he could even be the boss of his own series. Opera ate the Kuri Kuri Fruit (Cream) and became a Cream Human. He can manipulate the cream that comes out of his body and hit you with new attack concepts based on ‘sweetness.’ He’s a troublesome enemy.”

Apart from it, many other details were revealed by Oda as well. According to him, Nami is currently working on her dream to make the world map even when they’re traveling. On being asked about Nami current situation with her map, Oda answered, “Of course she[Nami] is[drawing the map]. After dinner she goes to draw and write in her journal. Since they need her during the day in order to keep things moving, she has to navigate to keep things sailing smoothly. There are a ton of things that need to be done on deck.”

Currently, One Piece manga is focusing on the Wano arc while the anime is in the middle of the Whole Cake Island arc.


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