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‘One Piece Chapter 917’: The Worst Generations Go Head-To-Head

We are only a matter of hours away from the official release of One Piece chapter 917, with spoilers already circulating on Reddit for the upcoming manga chapter.

However, despite the chapters spoilers being released online, we have been told that we should expect yet another delay for chapter 917.

One Piece Chapter 917 Release Date:

One Piece Chapter 917

One Piece Chapter 917

According to reports by Otaku Kart, we will not be getting the official release of One Piece chapter 917 this week, and instead, it will be released on September 12th.

Now, according to the spoilers for One Piece chapter 917, we may get to see a battle that we have all desperately been waiting for. The spoilers hint that we may see all members of the Worst Generation within the Wano Country meet and brawl against each other.

One Piece Chapter 917 Spoilers:

One Piece Chapter 917

One Piece Chapter 917

Furthermore, reports by Otaku Kart suggest that we could see the other Strawhat members who have been missing from the manga for quite some time. That means we could see Nico Robin, Frankie and Usopp make an appearance, as well as Sanji.

However, sadly, there is still a slim chance that this will happen. Although, a fight between Holdem and the Luffy, Zoro and Kiku alliance is almost a certainty in this upcoming manga chapter of One Piece.


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