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One Piece Chapter 916 is around the corner, and fans are getting extremely excited about it. So, the predictions of the upcoming chapter have started circulating on Reddit, and here is one of the predictions, and it is pretty interesting. This prediction is done by a Redditor who goes by the name of TacoPi, be sure to check the original thread of this discussion.

One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers: Prediction

One Piece 916

One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers

“Kiku one-hit KO’s Urashima with a slap fromt he side of her blade against his belly. Zoro pauses for a moment to admire the feet and acknowledges that he needs to learn this blade technique to use against naked men. Luffy effortlessly defeats mouseman, gazelleman, and hold’em with punches from his cursed sword and proceeds to eat their food.

Law shows up and finds Luffy and Zoro fat and drunk. He insults them and demands that they leave the town before they are spotted by Kaido’s men. Luffy show’s Law Kaido’s men defeated and offers him some sake.

Law calls them morons again and begins to explain the intricacies of the complex plan they have setup with Robin infiltrating the shogunate. Luffy interrupts him to declare it a mystery plan and asks Law if he can have gazelle legs for the plan.

Law calls him stupid a third time and then Luffy’s sword flies out of his sheath and into his hand. Luffy’s eyes go white, haki coats his entire body, his clothes catch fire, and his straw hat grows thorns. In a demonic voice, Luffy demands that Law operate to give him the legs of gazelleman.

Luffy is shown again with the sword away and he no longer appears possessed but he now has the legs of gazelleman, the lion waist of hold’em, the wings and ears of batman, and the tail and nose of mouseman. Law, Zoro, Kiku, Otama, and the lion attached to Luffy all look terrified as Luffy does rapid jumping jacks in gear 2nd to test out his modified body. Urashima gets up off the ground and groans. Luffy looks at Law and his eyes go white again.

Hawkins shows up into town with who appears to be mooseman and he looks at a card he drew. “Come on out, strawhat. I know you’re here!” Hawkins shouts out into the streets. A lumbering noise is heard as Luffy walks out toward him, ripping shingles off buildings as he brushes by. With Urashima’s chest, Luffy is now grotesquely large. Hawkins stares out in disbelief as Mooseman plants his feet in the ground to charge. Chapter end.”