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One Piece Chapter 915: Release Date & Updates

One Piece is currently in the Wano arc, an arc that has been one of Eiichiro Oda’s most highly anticipated arcs since he started the One Pieceseries. Because of all the hype surrounding it, we have seen fans demand many things and as a result, we have been given a lot of information about what’s to come.

One Piece Chapter 915 Release Date:

One Piece Chapter 915

One Piece Chapter 915

Usually, information about upcoming chapters is hard to get your hands on, however, recently we have had some leaks on Reddit, as well as on Otaku Kart for the upcoming One Piece chapter 915.

I know, chapter 914 of One Piece hasn’t even been released yet, so how can we talk about chapter 915 of One Piece if chapter 914 of One Piece is still on its way?

One Piece Chapter 915

One Piece Chapter 915

Well, it appears as if we have been given some important information about its release,  which includes the chapters release date. Now, according to the spoilers for One Piece chapter 915 that have been released on Reddit recently, we should expect to see the upcoming One Piece chapter on the 22nd of August.

As you can see, that isn’t too far away. However, we are sadly going to have to wait until chapter 914 is officially released before we can make anymore predictions on an upcoming plot.


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