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New FPS Stealth gameplay The Slater

A new stealth game is arriving soon, The Slater is a new first-person shooter with elements of stealth, intelligence gathering, and assassination. Being made by Laina Interactive, The Slater is a story driven stealth game, where you play as former cop Mark Slater, on a warpath to avenge his father.


In The Slater, players will be able to explore their environment, search for alternate paths around guards, or even choose to impersonate one. Players will be given a variety of ways to kill their targets. These options may include subtly poisoning their food, or even shooting up the entire venue like a badass.


In my personal opinion, the game looks like it’s in really rough shape. I try to give many games the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately some games just don’t look as great as others. The Slater bleeds telltale signs of a low budget game without any juicy stakes for a player to bite on. However I do like to believe small games can surprise us now and then, and it sure doesn’t hurt to keep tabs on things!


The Slater releases on September 20th 2018 on Steam.

Watch the new gameplay trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn0dZ7hb_uM


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