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My Hero Academia Chapter 197: Class A Ends The Fight

We are only days away from the official release of My Hero Academia chapter 197 and because of that, we have started to see spoilers leak onto Reddit and Otaku Kart for the upcoming manga chapter.
Furthermore, according to Otaku Kart, if there are no delays then we should receive the first scans for the upcoming chapter on September 8th and then its official release on September 10th.

My Hero Academia Chapter 197 Spoilers:

My Hero Academia Chapter 197

My Hero Academia Chapter 197

Now, for those who have been following the current arc, we have seen tremendous growth from many of the young heroes. Both Shishida and Tsuburaba’s growth has been admirable.

Meanwhile, according to the spoilers that have leaked onto Reddit, the coming chapter will truly show how dangerous Ibara is, which is pretty exciting.

My Hero Academia Chapter 197

My Hero Academia Chapter 197

Now, as we come close to the end of the battle that we have enjoyed between Class A and Class B, there is one question hanging on everyone’s minds and it’s who will win?

Well, if history repeats itself, as well as all the predictions on Reddit being correct then it should be Class A. So, expect to see Class A take a big lead in this upcoming manga chapter.

As you can see from the spoilers above for Boku no Hero Academia chapter 197, this is going to be a pretty exciting chapter and the best part is, it is so close to being released.


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