October 5, 2022


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Melbourne’s One Piece Cafe: One Plus Piece

Melbourne's One Piece Cafe: One Plus Piece

Melbourne's One Piece Cafe: One Plus Piece

You cannot call yourself a true One Piece fan if you live in Melbourne or pass through the city, and not visit its one and only One Piece-themed restaurant. The best part is, even if being surrounded by One Piece art and thousands of figurines, isn’t your thing, the food alone will make it enjoyable.

Being an anime fan means that I have experienced a number of anime-themed restaurants over the years, but One Plus Piece cafe has to be the best that I have experienced in Melbourne.

There’s something about ordering burgers that increase in size as you progress up a gear, just as Straw Hat captain Monkey D. Luffy does, which makes food more exciting. Yes, this means that the burger size of Gear 4 is larger than Gear 3 for example. Though, there’s still no sign of Luffy’s new Gear 5 but I think the Gear 4 burger is large enough already to satisfy most foodies.

I myself tackled the Gear 4 burger. A 150gm grass-fed beef burger with bacon, egg, a hash brown, American cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato relish, Jalapenos & Sriracha mayo.

Meanwhile, my brother, Pauly Toast on TikTok, enjoyed the Gear 3. A slow-cooked chilli pulled pork burger with 150gm grass-fed beef, cheese, lettuce, pickle, onion ring, Japanese mayo and BBQ.

Luffy’s Favourite sounded pretty good too and it will be the meal I try on my return. A crispy southern chicken, yellow cheese, iceberg lettuce, bbq sauce & Japanese mayo burger.

You can check out my video on my TikTok @Nerds4Life0 or in the video attached to this post.


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