December 7, 2021


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Manga Reveals Goku Actually Cares For His Saiyan Birth Parents

Manga Reveals Goku Actually Cares For His Saiyan Birth Parents

Manga Reveals Goku Actually Cares For His Saiyan Birth Parents

The latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter has revealed something that might shock most Dragon Ball fans. For years many believed Goku to have no sentimental thoughts about his Saiyan origin and who can really blame him? His first Saiyan encounter resulted in his firstborn toddler son being kidnapped by his evil uncle and Goku needing to die, just to prevent his brother from enslaving that child from a life of genocide.

That was just the first time Goku met another Saiyan. The other times weren’t any more pleasant. Meanwhile, Goku is the type who, despite the love for battle, would rather preserve life instead of taking it. 
Then, we need to talk about Goku’s family life.

Remember, Goku has apparently never kissed his own wife, has ditched her numerous times for year’s without warning, revived the health of an evil biological android so that his teenage son could have a “fair fight” and literally chose death, twice, for extended periods of time just to train. 

As a result, many believed Goku had little desire to meet any more family, let alone evil ones. Though, it seems as if our assumptions were incorrect. “I wish I knew a darn thing about my dad,” said Goku when discussing his father in the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter. 

It seems as if Goku may have thought about his family before and might even want to meet them. Especially, after he found out that his father actually had a sympathetic side and though he was a killer, he was also a hero to some. With Goku’d ability to travel between the worlds of the living and the dead, it’s possible Goku’s wish to know more about his dad, might come true. 


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