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Kingdom Manga Chapter 571: Yet Another Death

We are only hours away from the official release of Kingdom Manga Chapter 571 and because of that, we have seen some spoilers released on Reddit for the upcoming chapter of Kingdom.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 571 Spoilers:

Translation so far by Thinata on Kingdom Discord

feego tribe: kill the quanrong where’s rozo

Rozo: the king’s right here. I’ll play with you, naked band

feego tribe: h, huge…! maybe twice as large as danto-sama…

Bunen: no I’ll kill YTW.

quanrong: huh!?


Kingdom Manga Chapter 571

Kingdom Manga Chapter 571

Bunen: you all go assist the king. 200 of you, follow me.


ytw: !

Quanrong: he said, kill, right…? If bunen-sama gets the mountain king before rozo-sama… I,if that happened, we’ll all be in trouble, but bunen-sama would still….

ytw men: there they come. defend ytw-sama form a vanguard. Form an escape route for the lord of death

ytw: no, wait.

Kitari: I’ll avenge Katari by taking Bunen,general heki, you go take the quanrong king rozo’s head!!

translator: said to go get rozo’s head

Heki: HUH?

Heki: HUH?

Kitari: Not, HUH ‘wack’

translator: quanrong king’s a monster

Kingdom Manga Chapter 571

Kingdom Manga Chapter 571

Kitari: YTW was aiming for this from the beginning. Before they became numerous, they used to use this trick often. A plan to take the brunt themselves while believing in their comrades…

Kitari: general heki!

Heki!? !!

Kitari: I wish you luck in battle

Heki: !! Yes, I wish you luck in battle as well, Kitari-dono Take care of tanwa-sama and bunen’s head. Let’s go, Heki-squad

Heki squad: Yessir

Danto: In the place of the lord of death, Danto, king of the great clan Feego will strike you down and end the final night of Ryouyou!!!



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