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Four Reasons Why Monkey D. Garp Didn’t Want To Be An Admiral

The Admiral’s are the greatest battle force that the Navy and the World Government has, with Monkey D. Garp being the only Admiral level Navy officer yet to be given the title. However, the reason Garp isn’t an Admiral is not because he is underrated, it’s because Garp has refused the title several times.
This is the greatest hero the Navy has ever had and arguably the strongest One Piece Navy officer of all time. In addition, his family is incredible and it’s largely due to his influence, as well as his training. So why would Garp not be a Marine Admiral? Well, there are four reasons that come to mind.

4. Garp Thinks The Title Is Pointless.

Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp

When we were first introduced to Garp, we watched him turn down the role instantly. Garp was clearly not interested in the promotion, declaring that it was pointless, as he can already do what he likes now as a Vice Admiral.
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