November 28, 2023


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Footy Bash – The AFL Game That Allows You To Take-Out The Competition

Footy Bash is a new AFL game that is heading our way, and it was showcased at Melbourne’s recent gaming convention, PAX AUS. As I walked in, I decided to take a look at some of the newest gaming brands, made by small developers, and I instantly was drawn to “indy-gaming” Melbourne-based company, Danger Thumbs’ table, where they allowed me to play their latest project, Footy bash.

This is a very different game to AFL Evolution or AFL 23. The bobblehead characters don’t move anywhere near as fast, and the movements are limited. This side-view game looks like something you’d find at an arcade. However, this isn’t a negative, it’s just different to the AFL games that we have played before. The large heads of the players you can select from actually look like cartoon versions of the players you’re selecting, which previously titles that had significantly greater budgets, couldn’t even achieve consistently. However, accurately looking players isn’t even the most striking feature of the game.


I tried out Footy Bash at @PAXAUS earlier this month. the Indy game was enjoyable. Check out some of the highlights here and the full review will be available on our website later this week. #AFL #AFLFantasy #SuperCoach #FootyBash #aflplayers

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Have you ever found yourself playing a Fifa game and your brother is playing as Real Madrid? Christiano Ronaldo is dominating, you’ve lost the last two games, all because of Ronaldo, and you’ve run out of patience with how broken Ronaldo is in every Fifa game. Then your frustration reaches new heights as you see Ronaldo breaking free from the pack, taking the ball from a through-ball and he is now racing towards your goalkeeper, who is about as useful as a shoe umbrella and has no chance of stopping him. So, you do what every other frustrated brother does in that situation; – chop Ronaldo’s legs from behind and hope he stays down for good.

What does this have to do with Foot Bash? Well, in this game, you can legally take out those Ronaldo’s. There is literally a punch button, which allows you to take down the opposition players, and leave them in a pool of blood. Sadly, there are no specific attacks or special abilities for individual players. I’d love to have a special attack for Touk Miller that allowed me to jab others in the groin, allow for past player apperances such as Chris Judd to strike others in the pressure points, Toby Greene to take out the umpires who are disadvantaging you, or Barry Hall just being Big Bad Baza.

Footy Bash isn’t really what we want to see on the actual footy field come game day, but in a game, it’s a lot of fun. I look forward to playing this again against my friends, and literally taking out their best players. You can check out some of the footage of Footy Bash, which we filmed at PAX AUS 2023 throughout this article.