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Eiichiro Oda Revealed What Older Ace and Luffy Look Like

Have you ever wondered what Luffy would look like as an adult? Or maybe what one of his brothers in Ace would look like if he had survived and had grown to an old age.

Well, recently One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda revealed how Luffy and his older brother Portgas D. Ace would look at 40 and 60.

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Sadly though, we will never get to see Ace actually age in the series, however, at least we have a rough idea of what the future Pirate King will look like.

Luffy is the Grandson of Monkey D. Garp and the son of Monkey D. Dragon, while Ace is their adopted child. Furthermore, the deceased former Whitebeard Pirate is the biological son of the former Pirate King in Gol D. Roger.

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