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Edens Zero Chapter 10: Shiki Is Challenged Like Never Before

We are only a few short hours away from the official release of Edens Zero chapter 10 and because of it being so close to its release, we are starting to see spoilers circulate on Reddit for the upcoming manga chapter.

So far, Fairy Tail fans have enjoyed Hiro Mashima’s new hit series Edens Zero, with many Fairy Tail characters already making an appearance, as the manga is set in the same universe.

Edens Zero Chapter 10

Edens Zero Chapter 10

Edens Zero Chapter 10 Spoilers:

Now according to the spoilers that have been released for Edens Zero chapter 10 on Reddit, Sibir is likely going to get what’s coming to him. Furthermore, it’s expected that he will put up one hell of a fight though, as he should be the first real challenge Shiki has had the go up against.

Edens Zero Chapter 10

Edens Zero Chapter 10

So far, it has been pretty sad to see all of those robots tossed away like scrap, and to see Shiki desperately trying to fix them really lends this weight to his character. It’s like it’s telling us that he’s this kind of person who thinks everything can be fixed, but reality isn’t quite so kind.

As you can see from the spoilers above for Edens Zero chapter 10, this is going to be a pretty exciting instalment of Edens Zero.


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