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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40: Vegeta’s Full Power

In the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we watched as Kefla took on Gohan and Vegeta took on Toppo. The Kefla and Gohan fight was and incredible battle, which showcased just how powerful he has become.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40 Spoilers:

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40

In addition, it was then when Gohan announced that he will be following his own path and no longer be searching for power like a Saiyan. This may not have sounded promising at the time but when Gohan was able to match the ridiculously powerful fused Saiyan from Universe 6, it proved that he was very serious.

Now, we move to the aftermath of that fight, where Vegeta and Toppo are still fighting. According to the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 40, we will be seeing Toppo’s God of Destruction Ki and Vegeta will need to unleash his full power to stop him.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40

This means Vegeta may use his Final Burst attack, which killed him back when he first used it against Majin Buu. However, this time, Vegeta is strong enough to pull it off and live.

Although, because the manga has been very different to the anime, we may see some other differences as well. However, the predictions for the upcoming manga chapter believe that this battle shouldn’t be too different but will still be an epic fight.


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