March 29, 2023


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Dragon Ball Multiverse Chapter 75 – Page 1737: Majin Bra vs Bra

Dragon Ball Multiverse Chapter 75 - Page 1737

Dragon Ball Multiverse Chapter 75 - Page 1737

Dragon Ball Multiverse has just dropped its latest page for Dragon Ball Multiverse chapter 75, with Gohan and Majin Buu fail to take down Majin Bra. The fighter against evil from Dragon Ball Multiverse’s Universe 16, it under the control of Babidi, a similar control that he has on Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z.

The tournaments between all variations have several fighters that can potentially match Bra but of course, these guys are not available right now. As a result, Bra has been running out of control and has killed many since her awakened power was released against her will.

Dragon Ball Multiverse Chapter 75 – Page 1737

Yet, Gohan and Majin Buu had a last plan up their sleeve, which has been proven to be futile and there aren’t many standing fighters left. However, in the previous page, we received ain’t for what’s next to come.

Dragon Ball Multiverse 75 – Page 1737, might showcase a battle between the two Bra’s. One Bra is the daughter of Vegito and the other, the daughter of Vegeta. However, the later if not a fighter but she should still possess some potential, which we may see in the upcoming manga slides.

Dragon Ball Multiverse Chapter 75 – Page 1737

Before the times of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Multiverse helped us forget the painful experience of Dragon Ball GT, as the fan-made continuation of the Dragon Ball world. Not only is this manga a continuation, but it’s also a showcase of a many “what if’s” in the Dragon Ball world. Upon reading this, you must remember that Dragon Ball Super hasn’t happened either but it’s worth the read if you’re a Dragon Ball fan.

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