September 29, 2023


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Did Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Hint A Manga Link?

The most recent Dragon Ball Super manga chapter showcased both Vegeta and Goku being taken out easily by Freiza. The iconic Dragon Ball Z villain has reached a new level of power after training in another dimension for what to him was 10 years.

However, despite having the opportunity to kill both Goku and Vegeta right there and them, Frieza decided to list show-off his power. It’s a strange move, as he now knows that underestimating these Saiyans is a bad move.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, a film based on events approximately 3 years after the manga events, mentioned Frieza was looking for Broly. So, how do these two events link?

Well, it means that Frieza is still alive and a threat 3 years after he one-shot both Vegeta and Goku. This also means that whatever that threat is, it involves Broly. Furthermore, it also may hint that Vegeta and Goku are still over 3 years away from potentially matching Frieza.


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