August 10, 2022


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Can Both Willem Dafoe & James Franco Be In SpiderMan: No Way Home?

Can Both Willem Dafoe & James Franco Be In SpiderMan: No Way Home?

Can Both Willem Dafoe & James Franco Be In SpiderMan: No Way Home?

Since the Spiderman: No Way Home trailer first dropped, and a familiar Green Goblin bomb made a split second appearance, Marvel fans have been wondering which Green Goblin that belonged to and which one will appear in the upcoming film. With the introduction of a multiverse in the MCU, several characters from different Spider-Man franchises are making an appearance.

Alfred Monlina’s Doctor Octopus has already been confirmed to be one of the retuning characters from the original Spiderman trilogy staring Toby McGuire. The other character that the traitor revealed to be making their MCU debut is the Green Goblin, with fans wondering which one will be in the film.

Can Both Willem Dafoe & James Franco Be In SpiderMan: No Way Home?

Will it be James Franco or Willem Dafoe? However, I personally don’t see any reason why only one of these guys need to be in the movie. Both characters died during their Sony produced trilogy and if one is coming back to life, why can’t the other as well?

Remember, this is an alternative universe, from an alternative timeline, where events differed. Why are we assuming that there is only one alternative universe? If there are multiple, then it’s likely that in one universe Dafoe’s Green Goblin survived, which means that it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Franco’s Green Goblin survived in another. Furthermore, if Dafoe’s Green Goblin lived, which indicates that he may have defeated Spiderman in his universe, then his son most likely also lived.

Remember, the only reason Franco’s character was driven to become the Green Goblin was because of his fathers death and a drive to take down his killer. If his father never died, then it’s likely that he never pursued that power and never ended up in the situation that inevitably killed him. However, this scenario though will make his character pretty useless. Therefore, the only way both Franco and Dafoe’s characters can be relevant characters in the MCU, is if they came from alternative universes.

Personally, I hope we see both versions of Green Goblin in the series. Maybe we will have a happier ending for Franco’s Harry Osborn, as the Osborn in the MCU could be the one who forgave his friend Peter Parker and managed to survive, instead of being the evil man who wanted to avenge his father. From there, we might see an emotional interaction between two Green Goblin’s as well. An interaction between father and son, with son trying to change his fathers evil ways.


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