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Boruto Manga Reveals Boruto And Kawaki Are Brothers

A few days ago we were finally given the Boruto Naruto Next Generations chapter 26, and with it came a number of exciting revelations.

The one in particular that we will be looking at today is the fact that technically, Boruto and Kawaki are brothers.

Now, remember, Kawaki is the one who will eventually destroy Konoha and will claim to have taken out Naruto Uzumaki.

Boruto And Kawaki Are Brothers

Boruto And Kawaki Are Brothers

This actually might explain how Naruto was defeated, as Naruto would never be able to force himself to take out a son.

However, you’re probably now wondering how the two are related and its very simple, they are half-brothers in a way.

At the end of Boruto chapter 26, a decision was made and it was decided that the 7th Hokage is the only one who can look after Kawaki and as a result, will be looked after by Naruto’s family themselves.

Boruto And Kawaki Are Brothers

Boruto And Kawaki Are Brothers

Yes, this means that Kawaki has been adopted by Naruto, which is how Boruto and Kawaki are technically brothers as of right now.

This will make things very interesting in the lead-up to Kawaki’s betrayal and eventual villain status, which is set to occur a few years from the present timeline.


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