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The recent Boruto episode was quite good, and finally, we are gearing up for a mini-arc which will focus only on Mitsuki. This is what fans have been waiting for as we all know, that Mitsuki is a mysterious character, and we still don’t know much about him. Less information, however, didn’t stop fans to like him, as Mitsuki already has become a fan-favorite character, so fans are really looking forward to the upcoming Boruto Episode 73.

Also, the fifth Hokage made her appearance in the previous episode, and she hasn’t changed a bit. Fans were shocked to see almost no changes in the physical condition of Tsunade, and many wondered that how could Tsunade didn’t age at all considering that Mei Terumī aged, despite being younger than Tsunade. But, this is another topic.

Boruto Episode 73: Tsunade is Shocked to hear about Mitsuki:

Boruto Episode 73 spoilers

Boruto Episode 73

Tsunade was shocked to hear about Mitsuki and his relations with the legendary Sanin and her former partner, Orochimaru. It seems that the shinobi has abandoned Konoha and Naruto and others were looking over the issue but, things got much complicated when Tsunade entered the scene.

The situation was broken to Tsunade, and Naruto told her about Mitsuki that he his not like any regular shinobi, and he is Orochimaru’s son. This made Tsunade very angry, and she snapped. This reaction wasn’t surprising as we all know the history between Konoha and Orochimaru and she can’t truly trust him or anyone related to him.

Tsunade punched the wall as she was very angry and asked Naruto, “What are your intentions, Naruto. In the past, Orochimaru caused the Hidden Leaf irreparable harm! You saw it with your own eyes!” This is where Tsunade has a problem as she is shocked that despite all of Orochimaru’s ill deeds, Naruto is actually helping someone who happens to be Orochimaru’s son. Her point of view is fair, as nobody knows about Mitsuki very much and what if he is trying to steal information or has some ill schemes.

Now, don’t bash me for this one, its just Tsunade’s point of view if you put yourself in her shoes. This all creates the perfect environment for the next episodes of Boruto, as after the exams arc, it was getting a little boring. Stay tuned for the upcoming Boruto Episode 73.