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Black Clover Episode 48: Asta Prevails!

Over the last few weeks, we have watched as Asta has been constantly beaten around by the vicious enemy standing before him. However, Asta’s sheer determination alone has allowed him to grow and not give up at all cost. How can someone genuinely strive to be the next Wizard King and give up the second the fight gets tough.

Black Clover Episode 48 Spoilers:

Black Clover Episode 48

Black Clover Episode 48

Now as we come closer to the release of Black Clover episode 48, spoilers have started to surface on Reddit for the upcoming episode. According to the spoilers on Reddit for Black Clover episode 48, Asta has changed the direction of the battle and with teamwork, has managed to take down the powerful wizard standing before them in Vetto. Not giving up is their magic and no matter how powerful the enemy is, there is no way that this magic will fail.

Black Clover Episode 48 Preview:

Black Clover Episode 48

Black Clover Episode 48

As you can see from the spoilers above for Black Clover episode 48, this is going to be a pretty exciting episode with an epic battle. However, you’re sadly going to have to wait a few more hours for its official release. Although, until then, you can watch the preview for Black Clover episode 48 in the video below while you wait.


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