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Anthem New Trailer

Anthem has been a much talked about game since its debut, with each new trailer and demonstration, we get a better idea of what kind of game Anthem really is. Bioware released a new trailer detailing some features Anthem has to offer.


Anthem is boasting the motto “Our world, My story” and explains that everyone will have a different story based on their choices. When players explore the city of Tarsis, players can interact with “agents” to take on various missions that take you deeper into the open world. Also within the walls of the city, Tarsis is also an explorable area filled with friends and strangers, where you can shape your own story with your own decisions.


In the city of Tarsis, you’ll be mostly interacting with your pit crew. These people will be helping you prepare for fierce battles outside the city. As you interact with them, you’ll gradually learn their stories, and go on various missions for them. Tarsis will also be home to some shady individuals, who you may also be able to work for, but be careful, their intentions may not be as pure as your pit crew’s.


Bioware and EA have gone through quite a bit a misfortune, and their new project has been met with the same criticism. Some people are worried Anthem will be be a ‘copy-paste’ formula ripped straight from Destiny, and many people have every right to feel cautious. For as much content as we’ve been given about this game, Anthem still remains a stranger that we are unable to trust.


Watch the new trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf6t9D93VPw


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