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So with 2016 finally ending, and the new winter season upon us, I thought I’d take a look at some of the Anime coming out in the next winter season.

So here are some of the best picks.

First off we have an anime that I’ve been waiting a while for to finally get its proper adaptation,  No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).

In the original anime they just went off on their own story after the 4th book ends, and sort of goes into filler Shippuden like territory.
But I’m really looking forward to this one, mainly because it’s adapted one of my favourite arcs in the series, the Impure King ark, where the friendships between Rin and the others are stretched, there are even scenes where they discovered that Rin is the bastard son of Satan, and can’t control his powers properly, and then there will be an epic buildup to the final fight.

It’s one I’m going to watch and I recommend to you, to do the same if you are a fan or even if you’re not.


Secondly, we have another season of Gintama coming out… it should be the last one this time…probably…
but more high-jinks and jump jokes will be made for sure, so I’m looking forward to it.

Anime To Look Forward To In 2017

Anime To Look Forward To In 2017

We also have a new Lupin The IIIrd movie coming out called Lupin The IIIrd Chikemuri No Ishikaawa Goemon, which I know nothing about, but from what I have heard, it will still jam to the new Lupin The IIIrd opening for the film




One Room is also another anime that I have little to say about, but it just that it’s a series of shorts about 3 sisters raised in (one) room…apparently its good.

Now have to remember that we are finally going to have season two of Attack on Titan coming out early in 2017, so if you have been sitting there eagerly waiting for the series to continue, like a lot of us have, then you are in luck


Next up, One Punch Man! We cannot forget to add One Punch Man to the list of anime you must watch in 2017. Already being praised as one of the strongest anime characters of all time, there is a reason why Saitama is called One Punch Man.

But most of all the series is hilarious, so it has to be a must watch anime.

Anime To Look Forward To In 2017

Anime To Look Forward To In 2017

And lastly, we have Demi-Chan Wa Kataritai, where people called Demi (Demi human) are slowly being accepted into society, and a biologist wants to study them and understand their being and cultures, but also catch their attention.

So these are some of my picks for the winter season for next year, now before that, I should finish watching the rest of the anime’s from 2016, as there is so much.


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