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Amazing Spider-Man #3-4 Review: A Tale of Two Parkers

Major spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #2 and mild spoilers for #3 and #4!

The plot thickened at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #2, with a second Peter Parker emerging from the wreckage. So far this story is playing out pretty interestingly. The writing for Peter continues to be top-notch and he has just the right amount of charm and bad luck.

When Spencer called it “Back to Basics”, he wasn’t kidding. Splitting our hero into Peter Parker and Spider-Man is a fun idea on the surface. Spencer adds an extra layer by utilising it to explore the dichotomy of power and responsibility. Spider-Man has all the power and none of the responsibility, while Peter has all the responsibility and none of the power. Essentially, Nick Spencer is breaking Spider-Man down into his core elements and reminding us of what makes him who he is.

Hitching a ride with your friendly neighbour Spider-Man is one of the fastest ways to get around New York! Ryan Ottley. Marvel Entertainment.

Peter’s social dynamics continue to be refreshing, as his relationship with MJ flourishes and we get some nice interaction with Randy Robertson and Nora Winters. There is a touching scene between him and Aunt May which I won’t spoil here, but it follows on from their last hard to read conversation. Notably, Spencer has switched out most of the supporting characters from Slott’s run. This enables him to forge his own path while bringing back some old favourites. I particularly like the inclusion of Curt Connors, as he has had an interesting journey the past few years. He tragically murdered his son, Billy, while out of control as the Lizard. His mind was trapped in the Lizard’s body rather than vice versa. And now he appears to have been cured, enabling him to have a mentor relationship with Peter again.

Another thing I’ve enjoyed so far is Spencer’s penchant for bringing back obscure villains. Speed Demon, the Tri-Sentinel, the Looter, he knows how to dig deep. This continues to be a fun and refreshing take on Spider-Man, and I’m excited to see how this story unfolds. And of course, Ryan Ottley is bringing his A-game. See you next week for #5!



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