Itachi Uchiha VS Kakashi Hatake: Who Wins In A Fight?

Itachi Uchiha VS Kakashi Hatake: Who Wins In A Fight?

Itachi Uchiha VS Kakashi Hatake: Who Wins In A Fight?

Recently I made a post on our Instagram about a battle between Kakashi Hatake and Itachi Uchiha bath their peaks, with the results being pretty one-sided, however, I somehow I disagree with the outcome of Itachi winning easily and let me explain why. Now, this is based on Itachi and Kakashi being at heir peaks, which means Kakashi has both Sharingan’s and the Kubikiribōchō (Zabuza’s blade, which he obtained after Zabuza’s reanimation was defeated). This also means that Itachi has one of Shisui Uchiha’s eye and of course, no illness.

Kakashi, the Sixth Hokage, is a genius who was feared among all the nations as the “Copy Ninja” and “Kakashi of the Sharingan.” All with good reason too, as Kakashi’s wasn’t also a master tactician but was able to use over 1,000 jutsu’s, which he copied from numerous opponents. Furthermore, he had Kumi, which enables him to travel himself and objects through dimensions, as well as a perfect Susanoo.

Itachi Uchiha VS Kakashi Hatake: Who Wins In A Fight?

Meanwhile, as for Itachi, he broke all the records that Kakashi laid out at the Ninja Academy and then as an Anbu member, which by the way, was under the command of Kakashi. Itachi wasn’t just a child genius like Kakashi but also an incredibly dangerous ninja as an adult. So dangerous, he was able to take out the entire Uchiha clan in a single night with Obito and join the Akatsuki as a teenager. His powers more than surpassed the Legendary Sanin in Orochimaru, which Kakashi feared in Naruto part 1. In addition, his Susanoo was arguably the most powerful, with the Yasaka Magatama and Yata mirror, as well as Shisui’s eye, which held the most powerful known Genjutsu.

Also, we need to take into account that Itachi even defeated Kakashi in the past and defeated Orochimaru who Kkashi feared. Normally, this would indicate that at his peak, he would easily defeat Kakashi but this was all before Kakashi had several power-ups. We need to look at them at their peaks and at their peaks, it’s possible Kakashi could win and let me explain why.

Both are probably equal when it comes to intellect and stamina, as neither seems to have a great deal of stamina. Itachi’s Susanoo is very dangerous with the Yasaka Magatama and Yata mirror but wasn’t a perfect Susanoo like Kakashi’s was. In fact, we don’t even know if Itachi even had the capability of a perfect Susanoo. Furthermore, we have never even seen him at his “peak” but we have seen Kakashi at his. By the end of the series, Kakashi mastering the Mangekeyo Sharingan, Kumi and a Susanoo, as well as having Zambuza’s blade could defeat Itachi. His defences surpass Itachi’s Susanoo defences but I suppose, Itachi’s ability to deflect and seal would make things quite tough.

Although, Itachi would have to strike Kakashi in order to take him down, while Kakashi’s Kumi makes him almost untouchable, as well as giving him a place to transport himself to if Itachi tries to seal him away. However, we also need to take into account that Itachi is the greatest Genjustu user we have ever seen but Kakashi mastering the Mangekyo Sharingan means that he isn’t as weak against Genjustu as what he was in the early days of the series.

Itachi Uchiha VS Kakashi Hatake: Who Wins In A Fight?

A battle between the two of them as you can see, would be pretty insane and the more I talk about each of their strengths, the harder it all gets to determine. However, with Kakashi’s Kumi and perfect Susanoo, it’s possible that he could take on Itachi evenly and even defeat him if needed. For gaming and anime merchandise at a discount like Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker, check out our Kit here: or our merchandise store here:

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