Boruto Manga Chapter 49: Jiraiya Escapes Jigen & Heads To Konoha

Boruto Manga Chapter 49: Jiraiya Escapes & Heads To Konoha

Boruto Manga Chapter 49: Jiraiya Escapes & Heads To Konoha

We have seen some pretty big revelations come from the most recent Boruto Naruto Next Generations manga chapters, with the true origins of Jigen, his ambitions and of course, the true identity of Kara member Kashin Koji. Furthermore, Jiraiya (Kashin Koji) might be now making his way to Konoha to help Sasuke and Naruto defeat Jigen who is attacking Konoha in Boruto manga chapter 49.

The later was revealed to be the biological clone of Jiraiya, a creation that former Kara member Amado brough to life to end Jigen’s. We still don’t know how Amado was able to obtain Jiraiya’s DNA or if there are more than one Jiraiya clone, as there’s no reason to stop at one clone, which is something Uchiha Shin showed us earlier in the series.

Boruto Manga Chapter 49: Jiraiya Escapes & Heads To Konoha

Now, the Jiraiya clone has been shown to have perfected Sage Made, a technique the original Jiraiya struggled with, which means he is stronger than Jiraiya himself was. So strong that despite his defeat at the hands of Jigen, he was able to make an escape just before Jigen killed him.

We don’t know where he will be heading but even Jigen believes that it will be Konoha, as he stated in the previous manga chapter of Boruto. Now, yes, Koji is beaten up pretty badly, with his an arm and both legs crushed. However, we know of multiple healing techniques that he may have learned, which might save him and enable him to join in on the battle to save Konoha.

Boruto Manga Chapter 49: Jiraiya Escapes & Heads To Konoha

Remember, this is the biological experiment of Amado, which has been based on the DNA of Jiraiya. This means that he may have had some upgrades added to him, which could enable him to recover rapidly. Either way, Jiraiya has survived to fight another day and that day could potentially be coming in the next chapter of Boruto Naruto Next Generations.

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